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Unique Ladies body blitz classes Chatham

Our ladies only class that’s designed for women of all ages and abilities. Expect bodyweight exercises and weights, which help you reach your fitness goals. But rest assured ladies, sessions are never repetitive and each class brings its own challenge. Sometimes we may even throw a little boxing into the mix. Whether it’s losing weight, toning your body or just having a break from the kids, this class delivers.

Enjoy the ease of no membership or joining fees and choose from pay as you go or pay monthly options.

ladies body blitz classes at unique gym in medway kent
  • Upper body movements which help tone your torso
  • Persistent punching moves that trim and tone your arms
  • Build functional strength and power through our simple but effective circuit
ladies body blitz muscle toninig
  • Constant movement that elevates your heart rate and burns fat fast
  • Enjoy learning exercises and burning fat in fun way
  • High-intensity training that can help you achieve weight loss goals
ladies body blitz - fat burning
  • Workouts that can improve your mood or lower stress
  • Unleash frustrations from home or work on our punching bags
  • Give your mind a new focus by learning something new
ladies body blitz class helps with mental health
Train with Unique Ladies body blitz classes Medway Gym

At Unique boxing these classes are for all ages but for females only. There are no membership or joining fees.

LAdies body blitz FAQ

Classes tend to begin with a warm up and then you move onto bodyweight exercises and weights. Some exercises that we particularly like doing at Unique Gym include burpee jumps, sit ups and push ups. All sessions are different and bring a new challenge.

Monthly memberships cost £45 and this includes unlimited access to all classes, including ladies body blitz. We also offer great discounts for couples.

You should bring a towel and water bottle to all classes.

You should wear loose clothing that is easy and comfortable to work out in. This may include leggings and a top that you normally work out in.

They’re full body workouts that use high-intensity training, so they are great for burning calories and fat. They will also help with muscle toning.

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