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Unleash your inner Rocky in one of our high intensity adult boxing classes for all abilities. Learn boxing footwork technique and new punching combinations, while increasing your cardiovascular fitness through a total body workout. In our adult boxing classes, you’ll learn how to punch, kick, and move like a professional boxer, and you’ll leave feeling fitter and stronger than ever before.

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For beginners, there is no contact involved in sessions, making our gym a perfectly safe place to practice technique under the expert coaching of our trainers. Once you have a solid foundation to build on, you can then progress to light sparring.

For people who are more advanced, we can challenge you in different ways and have plenty of experience when it comes to training fighters for competitions. Matt Simms’ CV speaks for itself.

Enjoy the ease of no membership or joining fees and choose from pay as you go or pay monthly options.

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  • Elevate your fitness level with an exhilarating full-body workout, unleashing punch after punch. Experience a calorie-burning frenzy through high-intensity training that pushes your body to its limits.
  • Ignite your calorie burn with an intense, full-body workout that will push you to the max. Embrace the challenge of high-intensity training, torching calories and pushing your body to new limits.
  • Break a sweat and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes through an invigorating workout. Experience the power of high-intensity training, helping you burn calories and improve overall health.
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  • Punch with speed, accuracy and power
  • Learn the “sweet science” of blocking, consistent head movements and footwork
  • Practice punching moves on real people in a safe and controlled environment
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  • Tone up through fast punching movements that produce toned taut muscles
  • Increase strength and power by punching against resistance
  • Engage your core and leg muscles through the jab, hook, cross and uppercut
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At Unique boxing the classes are for all ages and both males and females are welcome. There are no membership or joining fees.

adult boxing FAQ

Our adult classes range from 13 years old to any age above.

Our classes are very affordable at £7 per session.

We offer affordable monthly memberships at £45 for adults, which guarantees unlimited access to any available class, including boxing. We also offer great discounts for couples and families.

It’s easy to pick up but a challenge to master due to the intricate techniques involved. By not learning the right techniques, you’ll develop bad habits that will make you much less effective. But you have come to the right place where we prioritise teaching of the highest quality and help you develop. If you’re a beginner, expect to make some mistakes but these are a crucial part of the learning process.

Please bring boxing gloves, a drinks bottle and towel which helps maintain our hygiene standards. But if you’re new to boxing or forgot something, you can buy a water bottle or rent boxing gloves from us.

The class will start with skipping, a light jog and some stretching. We will then demonstrate different punches, combinations and defensive moves like slipping. You will also do some rounds on the punch bag to develop technique and fitness. We normally add a finisher to the end of the session which may include push ups, squat thrusts and crunches.
We recommend aiming for 2 to 3 classes per week if you’re serious about getting in shape. Consistency is the key here. Combined with the right diet, you should start to see quick results in terms of losing unwanted pounds, body toning and gaining some muscle. We can also provide you with nutritional advice.
You should go for cool, breathable clothing as you’ll sweat a lot. Put on a pair loosely fitted shorts or tracksuit bottoms and a working out top. Trainers are needed too.
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