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Affordable personal training and nutritional advice sessions that help you reach your fitness goals. You may need a PT if you’ve never been to a gym before, have a specific training goal or want to improve performance quickly.

We have helped a number of clients lose weight, build muscle or train effectively for a fight. Our PT’s are always supportive but will also challenge you and push you to your limits.

We recognise the importance of a healthy diet so provide nutritional advice that supports your new training programme. The work does not stop as soon as you leave the gym. You can find out more about Matt Simms’ experience with nutrition here.

Fill out our ‘Get in Touch’ form below to find out more about pricing, or speak to reception at the gym for more information.

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  • Personalised fitness plans that help you reach your goals
  • Correct form taught to maximise performance and reduce risk of injury
  • Any questions about exercising answered by the experts
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  • Someone in your corner to give you that much needed boost
  • PTs that will push you further and help you succeed
  • Lose the excuses and be held accountable to your new schedule
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  • PTs that challenge you and help take you the next level
  • Tailored plans that can reverse a decline in performance
  • Feel a great sense of reward by overcoming challenges and succeeding
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Train with Unique Personal Training Medway Gym

At Unique boxing the classes are for all ages and both males and females are welcome. There are no membership or joining fees.

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In London rates can cost as much as £200 per hour, but sessions at Unique Gym are much more affordable. Our rates vary depending on the trainer and how long the session is, but a one hour session could cost between £25-£35 per hour, we offer block booking deals. Please fill out our enquiry form or speak to reception if you want to find out more about our rates. We’d love to assist you.

Our PT sessions tend to last 60 minutes, 60 minutes is enough to reach your goals. But you can speak to your PT about doing longer or more frequent sessions per week.

You should always take a water bottle, towel and comfortable training kit to any PT session. You may also need to bring boxing gloves, shin guards or both, if the PT session is boxing or kickboxing focused.
Expect a challenging workout, but what’s involved will depend on your goals and the type of training you want to do. For example, a boxing PT session will differ from kickboxing as you practice punching moves. There will also be close attention from your PT as they watch your fitness levels and form. Learning more about your ability helps them coach in the most effective way.
They are definitely worth it. Using one of our personal trainers will help you work towards a fitness goal like losing weight, improve your technique, or build consistency in your weekly routine.
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