The Development of 'Mind, Body and Spirit' Through Martial Arts

How to Book Classes via the Clubright App?

Visit and go to the ‘book now' button. This will take you to our registration page. If you are completing for a child make sure the name is completed as the child’s name and not the parents. The parent will however need to provide their own email and phone number and then click ‘continue'. You will automatically be sent an email which will ask you to verify your details and will invite you to download the ‘Clubright’ app

  • Open the Clubright app
  • Select 'make a booking'
  • Find the class you want and select 'booking info'
  • Then select 'book now'
  • Then select 'continue'
  • It will then say 'to complete your booking choose one of' and list the option of purchasing 1, 5, 10 credits. It will also say 'or you may be interested in one of our membership plans' which you can click on to view our different membership options.
  • Select the desired option. It will confirm the total price of what you have chosen. Then select 'continue' and 'enter card details'
  • Enter your card details and postcode and select 'save card'. Then select 'submit payment'.
  • It will then say 'your booking has been completed' you can then select 'return to the booking diary'. You will then receive an email confirmation of your booking.

Due to the demands of modern living people are increasingly aware of their personal well being and self development. A popular way to improve your level of physical, mental and spiritual health is through martial arts.

Why Martial Arts?

Martial Arts are more than just exercise. They are primarily a form of self-defence and a great source from which to gain personal confidence.

Kickboxing can help you avoid threatening situations or enable you to effectively deal with them if unavoidable, being prepared can make all the difference.

Kickboxing also provides an excellent opportunity for social interaction in a fun and very exciting environment.

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is one of the most popular styles of Martial Arts. It combines self-defence, aerobic workout, flexibility, coordination and speed. Kickboxing now attracts a very large female following, as women now assert not only their financial but also their physical independence, Martial Arts gives them the ability to defend themselves, their children and their property.

What sort of people practice?

Kickboxing is suitable for men, women and children of all levels of fitness. People who practice kickboxing are those seeking to challenge themselves, find their limitations and develop beyond them whilst having a great deal of fun.

Will I lose weight / tone up?

You may have tried every diet in the book, but most of us now understand that there’s no substitute for sensible eating and regular exercise. Martial arts programmes have been hugely successful in the last 20 years in helping men and women to lose weight and achieve their dream body shapes.

What happens in a class and will I get hurt?

Classes begin with a thorough full-body stretch, once properly warmed up students learn basic kicks, punches and combinations. Attack and defence sequences with a partner and exercises follow this.

The classes are non-contact, so there is no risk of getting hurt and the sessions last approximately 1 hour. Separate classes are available for students who wish to spar and who are interested in competing.

What do I need to bring to my first lesson?

Wear loose clothing such as tracksuit trousers and a t-shirt. Also bring a towel and a drink.