It is believed that a typical adult body is made up of somewhere between 50-65% of water.

Not drinking enough can not only have you feeling drained in the short run, but can have detrimental effects to your long term health too.

Here are some of the benefits staying well hydrated can provide:

  1. Boost energy and performance
  2. Help maintain brain function
  3. Reduce the risk of kidney stones
  4. Improves skin 
  5. Strengthen the immune system
  6. Weight loss through increase in metabolic rate

What are the chances that point number 6 stuck out to you the most? It most certainly sticks out to us as staying in shape can sometimes prove to be tricky…unless you know the nutritional secrets we aim to give you bit by bit.
So how does drinking enough water help us lose weight?

Keeping our bodies hydrated means our bodies will be more able to function at its maximum. As the water does its magic inside us, our metabolism is fired up by up to 30%. To put this into perspective, consider an average adult who requires 2000 calories to maintain their bodyweight. This means the same adult can burn 600 calories simply by quenching their body’s thirst! 600 calories?! I know! It’s hard to believe right…

With that said, many of us find it difficult to drink enough water and often see it is a chore. Especially when its recommended the average person should drink 2 litres a day. But hang on, we’re all different shapes and sizes so this can’t be true we hear you say…you’re exactly right!

If you consider yourself active, then please don’t be afraid to drink more! We need to replenish what we have used and strenuous activity calls for more TLC than those who do not look after their health.

Time for a change?
Here’s our top tips on how to drink more water:

  1. Add flavour with fruit to your bottle
  2. Invest in a filter
  3. Eat water rich foods such as cucumber, zucchini and watermelon
  4. Set a reminder!

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